equate wrist blood pressure monitor error codes

To accurately take a reading, remain still and do not talk during measurement. When the batteries are installed incorrectly, the following will occur: Typically, the negative end (the one with the minus sign) inserts on the spring side of the battery slot. Bxj/AHfVWbdcDJLbe60OW/Fzajy56U28b+n5maKabmjORGQqc29JaKp5F1UVY7kJey/kFq1jez3Y Due to the fact that LVADs do not optimally respond to high afterload, the mean pressure of less than 90 is ideal. Perform a calibration check at least once a year to make sure you are receiving accurate readings. Systolic Blood Pressure 135 mmHg Diastolic Blood Pressure 85 mmHg This is a general guideline because blood pressure depends on age and morbidity. It's common for blood pressure readings taken at home on any type of monitor to be different from those taken at a health care provider's office. False By correlatiding the blood pressure monitor with blood pressure in the office, your doctor may not An irregular heartbeat rhythm is defined as a rhythm that is more than 25 slower or 25 faster from the average rhythm detected while the monitor is measuring the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Heart experts released new guidelines for blood pressure on monday and that means millions more americans will now be diagnosed with high blood pressure. idBZsiD1LejIp+MOeRAUJgTabeVPy40PQdO1K9u9PmhumtGihsys15BGscKCMrNJZ20g4NESA21W You are here: Home / Uncategorized Uncategorized / equate blood pressure monitor error 3 equate blood pressure monitor error 3 k31rcpcQ+hqccdrGyyelyX/TLu3Wp47rvtXbFQxjy75m1aLVLnULmy8t6XLFb+gmqxQ2jMk7TtGL PJ5JeHBIx/uwn1oz8NdmB6HFUFcfkdPoU0Oq6nrFi1pFMjGCaKZllNa+nwT425AdFHT2xTbpR5ZW *Amazon.com list price as of post date. Read Also: Does High Blood Pressure Cause Heart Palpitations. Blood flows through your arteries, supplying your bodys organs with the oxygen and nutrients they need to function properly. xAc1jCj+9r03pTbuqnH5eeVbnRX1Ke7ld7nULue89MowRPXWJG+JlXc+gu1cVS78xZvJfmC1Gl61 People with obesity and large or extra-large blood pressure cuffs may be incorrectly diagnosed as having elevated blood pressure when their readings are inaccurate. c+oLbyzw6fIxmeC3WcEt9WijeSMxc1mVQjBV4hSRxCSEbokfkLSfLhv7jzH5ev8ATby2WWWebQvq Dont check your blood pressure after eating or drinking either as that makes it go higher temporarily get an average over entire day once early morning once mid day and once at night do this over multiple days for your average and dont base blood pressure on just 1 check. /Height 155 ryJLwknuDY8Vkf6zykYsvEg/Z+MFV7TErJEiu5kdVAaQgAsQNyQABv7YUJD+YEAn8matE3p8WgNf cEkXrxRSC4eSNQsjUqvpQ3LM9fsrx3O1RirCLf8AODSGlreW2mw2fGMNepPeSQcp3/dMJm06OEwl Re-applying the wrist cuff. 8SRAFq1GDddztUlDIv0d5uaJ/UutJadolVZPqM3ETgNykKm5qUJ40TkCKH4jXZQqaRZebYLlDqN5 BloodPressureExplained.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. endobj jifTBMlzP6sNvIfRMM9rdrEz+lVkhnDUZ3MrFFGKHsn5wLG35eaoZIbadU9FuF5NZ28VRMnH95fx } !1AQa"q2#BR$3br Xb6tLRTO0SSy20sLw1lEMdKMqyPHyDn4eASyvS7vzDJbRx2Oi6JCI4ole4u7DWoiXDLyCwz26MY1 Err: The monitor detected movement during the measurement, or the values are not as expected. 886D/iLRdKsZ77VClnetF/pVzLbPEqSxlw8UlweQcCIKUDMnxc1ruAEndmXlG3v45ppNR12KCO5j Dont check your blood pressure after eating or drinking either as that makes it go higher temporarily get an . Kevin has witnessed 1st hand different patient's needs and treatments, including high blood pressure. xmp.iid:CBE3747704F9E411899482F07433D1A2 Bold Italic The cuff should fit snugly around your upper arm, and if its too loose, your reading will be inaccurate. If the irregular heartbeat symbol appears often, it is recommended to seek medical advice from a physician. This is done because blood pressure is the primary indicator. Pr/SEt: Your monitor is pairing to the Hello Heart app. This site contains affiliate links from which we receive a compensation . Its not as fast as a regular test but helps provide precise results. << kJ4m9SN1RKDlQ0PLetQFDKrHzVBpunqNad7q8UsVl0zRdSWEL8IHGJVu2/b6899/A0VYte6P5XuL UMM/MDULjQb7VbPSF0XR7chrP9I6kupQyubq2WZQt7F+75D98xAYkBVFBWuBIT3yh+c2jsLyw168 TItLikk4TCNJplitbX6ykn71+LN6lVKhm3ZsDJMvLPmTTLnQFubiXQLgac8a2strS3t1aUIeAE2m Read full disclaimer. iv8A8yr+2kseIvYri30yNkMtSnqg2ClOQ+z0+nCrM/KVf0DDW7e+rJcH65KqJJKDcSEOyxpEgLeC It is very sensitive to the body and usually tells the accurate answer. Also Check: How Does Kidney Disease Cause Hypertension. JZNJtrgFZPq8/wBdlLItwtJDFIIeS+ovUqd8UK3lv8tPLvlnWZ9X0TQLKz1C4TgzrdzEKtAG9NGh jPGHRjbP6xNgY0jhklm70rydlU8mChG6zrv5X6eyWVvaWF5ewzG6awn1C/koZXHMlUs7x6yNcceB arialbd.ttf 5bmawMMALmRkjHoxuvqHk7soPwqf2SqlgFl+Ynm1xd2mr/mdpWm6hKypai1tIrv0Z2nRJImU28ew How to Troubleshoot a CPAP RemStar Auto M Series. uaJ+ZUg8unT7a41S1s/WV20qK8do5aGUCZhcSwrBGwcOtdgI2HxFQljWneYvz11i6mGmXFrPcLLO /AIS false The AHA recommends a lower home blood pressure goal for certain patients, including diabetic patients, pregnant women, and patients with renal failure1. This can indicate that the hose is kinked and needs to be straightened. oLGq14ufi+y+1ONSK/EF3oq869dD5zvbGTybPL/pbGfzFNBCFc+m5j+OKwn5PGjSxH4+K0A5fFxA xalceXJEkcARXEMRDXp5+qpDXFGmMhkDilSeQPfFUXFpv5cWV59fjuPLFveJMWNyIIEkE8atMSW+ His years of research and knowledge inspire people to achieve their goals. He is a contributor to the Critical Care Transport textbook and the Emergency Critical Care guide. xRxLEzGl3JFaq/FuQ9RvhqCATQEoeWeWNN8pMxk1TzH5eWWK4i1e7nubfRRwFyULLB6F1OYpEpGp ZjUkUKkvZMUOxV2KuxV2KvLPzTkii8y2z+lFLctpskVsHudPtpRJLcIimP6/FKD8ZUVU0B4go5Za You want to make sure your machine works correctly. /wAv/JmpaDeyJcQImn29vFBYOZLZ5mKDiWkS3s7QIeHFP7xgVUbA1woT+xu9RjcQwWvq27T3Jeat M2vkLytpwS/Ou62qW8ij1Jry5ECtFIE4GNlEPAuvEpx4t0IOKsiYafd2Nw66tcyWjxvHPNHFCVCU Omron produced the product in partnership. There was no pulse detected in error 1. By increasing the number of blood pressure measurements, clinical teams will be able to intervene more aggressively in the battle against hypertension. /Width 625 2015-05-13T09:10:47+09:00 vg5+I1pzriqpo9/eWE7yQ+WfMTfWmiSU3l7a3SRjjUuEm1CXgFrR/TFSRsDtilkOh6vealC8lzo9 Open Type The informational articles in this site rely on studies, government agencies, medical associations and research institutions. +sH9Usa71kJYtTpucKEuu/I3k281ddZutEsp9WV45Vv5II2nEkRBjYSEcqrxFN8VtN1tbVXLrCgd PtFWRaVdeW7fRb/Q9B1fy8by3tJmvdN0iKNCGjThK3oR3MjIAxp8Vad8VL0HFDsVdirsVdiry781 Omron HEM-6221 wrist-cuff blood pressure monitor. Irregular single strong heart beat. What Are The Most Effective Ways To Quit Smoking? /SA true PDF/X-1:2001 yrb3AkWxmgvvLNxKjqeUgAJjQSRRSFjyZ0EaKSeTMpbRSMj8/adZwhdT80XshcxMWum8sxGMgPMY Keep still Movement of any kind can cause significant fluctuations in the measurement results. Default Swatch Group tqyeUobW4A4abpkmoQK1rHbI9J7uKNY1V+MdOUPExrw+IMCoZK2oXv5Xy3ckOo6NpV1LGiXzq2p6 To see the entire list of Blood Pressure Monitor items designed by a particular manufacturer click on More button. If the machine is not working properly, it will not be able to accurately measure the persons blood pressure. Equate BP-6500 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth 20 Save with Pickup Delivery 2-day shipping Now $22.89 $42.00 Blood Pressure Monitor, BDUN Rechargable Blood Pressure Machine Wrist, Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Voice Broadcast and 180 Memory for Doul User 323 3+ day shipping Now $16.99 $20.99 Listen for air leaks. Adobe PDF library 9.90 pVjJKwNpJd2V2FVAF5hkN1H6hrz3DLTbw3KE/wBGgu1l53Hohim6wwTx0ao6PKxDD/Yg4q8u/NTW VizMvpo6XTJRQoataUYbk1AVRh83asLf1f8ACOsluIb0K6bzqXZeP+9vGoC8vtUoRvWoCqpH5p1Z utL0sN6iRSR38T1SjOx5ukHE+lHzYbgUPULUqGOLp35Vvd2l/b+ZbFp7RPrjOb21dZLRGCO8nEr+ Read more here About Me. VhPE+ryLfAHqatFn0TbS/O/5fS2Vte6totrN9aCxIbaPSLueR1h5MZ/Wg0+KIRo3B/dwoVQdyii9 Ud5U0g6TY/U11C41KNFX/Srlgx5VaqoqhURVXioVRQfOpKqeYq83/NHzP538v61pD+Xp7OS3vkdb uoXV2LWz/drFc26RmeshYO6y6TpzKePwfupWUDxPxYpL0V5FRo1I/vG4LTsQpb9S4oS7VdMY6Tfw 2015-05-13T09:10:47+09:00 FCGkYoVoQakULGqq39DaP9QFiL+kArRh5hvfWFX5/wC9H991/wAvpt0xVlPli2jttEt4I5lnjjaU As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Heres how to use it. While this may be possible, its much more likely that there is a much simpler reason. KM8vqcUOzU+1imkcPzKs4TFJcyeWItPKKJLlNeiNJHLjgivbRqy84n3LivFtqimK0nieZdEFrKdc Dont Miss: What Is A Low Blood Pressure Reading. Blood Pressure Monitor equate HL858CE Instruction Manual Automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor (44 pages) Medical Equipment equate HL858CE Instruction Manual Automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor (43 pages) Summary of Contents for equate HL858CE Page 1 Instruction Manual Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Model No. Low, high and normal blood pressure readings help your doctor make the right decisions for your medical care. Once I have this information, I'll provide an answer to your question. If you see E4 on your screen, this means that there was movement during measurement. If the irregular heartbeat symbol. /Title ( E q u a t e w r i s t b l o o d p r e s s u r e m o n i t o r e r r o r c o d e s) It is possible that a leak occurred. 0+9fR7250/gBe6f/AId0CwnmYTTuHUS3IENI29JlKmqOeI5MSoSSn7/lxaLDdxP5b1i5lq5FybDy If youve just changed the batteries and the there is no power, remove the batteries and reinstall them again. q63qTT+eJ9NsZbuSJdHkv47eWEpT1F9RNQhcPIwilPwigY0/vGLBKceUbNrjRtR1CXzJeeaprZJQ RhaheR5E8Sw2xVFaL5o1xJliuNV1yOK5SNGmXSpG9GVuQfc6BbhvTqpRmNG35BR1VZ5baFrWo2lt V02z1J9RjmvZJ5BxMc97dTQAAU+G3kkaFT7hPfrhYpt6MX8i/cMVXAACgFB4DFXYqwvzTpl9HrqX 4pZ7OFoplK0tre5uafvAoQrFTjSh9NahVm1jb/lm93Y3ttoQjuojBbWVwdIuoniDUkiXk1upjjUs Understanding error codes and regular maintenance needs will help you to get the most accurate readings. Version 5.20 arial.ttf 0PQZ7rRdNtdHjkiaeWGCExRB0UmrRqsRNPZQSMKHl13+enmFNe1XTLe50FhBIkFmzx6tyilnULAL +DlJWWl5iZmpucnZ6fkqOkpaanqKmqq6ytrq+v/aAAwDAQACEQMRAD8A9OW1tffXnurl4+PpiOOO 6jZ/mba6W1vEdNaB0WaSXlM4KxzMqoWMvwyKnxAUUdfHFXosWm2UUQiSOkaqqIvJjwVaFQlT8NKD m/M+30mOy0Wz80W1hZQW7wE2bRyNBLGvqCGKH9EyxsE9P0YgzqX+IcWdRitPYPLF5a6zoMt1Y6/+ $19.89. 2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxVj2sWt6dYaeLUb3T4mto4x9Ut47hJGWSQnnzguGUoG2oVryPXsqk+r6fr Version 5.20 8 . /Creator ( w k h t m l t o p d f 0 . There are more affordable plans, even temporary coverage, which can save you a great deal of money. An error code may appear indicating an undetected pulse rate. VRlVan4glUsbnyhFbWttZ+W/NdpESK28LyQJas0yipWO6WNSHh9Rli5cfi5AFyHKobzr+Yek6/5f StzZXWo2U1pDD6jRiSPlC59QRuXUAAcCyFtkAVRVv+XuuLM50ryvfaS10sSy3BvdPjIMUZt41kUQ When using indirect blood pressure measuring equipment, the most common error is to use an incorrect cuff size. Find the personal care product manual that you need at ManualsOnline. 8KuQFiPFSP5QcUhhet6l57E9I7kxRzIoMhi80VHBBI3FIWRK8ZWKkODIxWP7UfxBXqXkp0g06TSm UBvtdgks0I9eG20CeGRwK7pIzSrGRWm6N096BV4hp3nCeODT0/Q+gie1isHkuy9ofRjYAIzRmJWj Then make sure on your next take that you dont move while the blood pressure is recorded. If you want a cheaper unit from Omron, check out the Omron Silver , one of the highest-rated blood pressure monitors on the market. Are Instagram Influencers Creating A Toxic Fitness Culture? KWCvFLNNaPrHljT7drOaGOPUGu/L0kssFus0jtSW0iCqoi9RkjCkISy0K8cCr9LvbCKa+1mDSoL2 Care Touch Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor error codes E1 || E2 || E3 || E10 || E11 || E20 || E21 Rockz Automation 6.12K subscribers 2.5K views 1 year ago This video shows the Care touch. Manage Settings Every day, a routine blood pressure check is performed millions of times. qNlHbFCMxV2KqV3eWtnay3V1KsFtCpeWVzRVVRUkk4qw7zf+XdtqzT3NrVbichmjVhEDIXjb1GdQ PDF/X-1a:2001 x5q1WqaUVbsNE/MaG/uPX8ua8ioE+r3A1+3uFrGBFwjjdV5L6ZaQvKau4BYcuIVUq2k6R+YmiTR6 Open Type We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. 3 0 obj An error code indicating a hardware issue. Open the Settings app on the smart device. dAzKCpBTscVZDoVzoema8t6lrZ293FBKdYubPy5qcU9zxUVEFyeQ2deXD96zL0/mwq9OJABJNANy The monitor turns off during measurement. There are three methods for measuring blood pressure: You want to pick the best type for your needs that also meets your doctors recommendations. Up to 2 users can record and store a total of 120 readings. To see if your blood pressure monitor is working correctly, take it in to your doctor's office during a visit. Too much pressure can in. JUjlmPqAvFHPzkMnKkmxCtsOagNilPPP2itqGkpcxSXMd1YMXhFqaEiUejLyUK5P7qR+m/vih5J5 Take your blood pressure with your cuff and then have it taken by a nurse with the doctor's equipment. HILSzy/qX5fXOoTG+u9W0e409VYnWNfV0NY2kH7qPUbparEjNV0H2S1SykhV6hpkdglqPqMgmhYk a4PoyOkivSjM3AjknE0IU2m9l5QkheCa6uPMd7cQ0rI+p+mr0YsecMNzHEas38v+SKL8OKGAahY3 qbnJ2en5KjpKWmp6ipqqusra6voRAAICAQIDBQUEBQYECAMDbQEAAhEDBCESMUEFURNhIgZxgZEy What causes a blood pressure monitor to stop working? FLmxuNKuWFpeyXAaPyxZ+nJHbSekkMcRllU+pCjRRPRW4cagVT1AlNrX/C9rbfpK+07zDe3csUcn v5cVXxXdtK3GOQM1K0HhiqUXXnjydaX8en3Gs2cd9MWWK1Myeq7Ru0TqqV5Eq8bKR4jFUEfzU/Lc Equate blood pressure monitor irregular heartbeat symbol. A loose air supply tube can cause the same problem5. 1 2 . 3kKLRkL6gCoLLX4wDxKg03OBLK/LX5hQeWZr20n8g6lbxTCKS1h0fQEtgziMPIHdby4SUhacacaB lWKdEHF5bQgSGLm/xoXHOvxEnfFLOdCF9qenrcWmo2GoxgkG4sJ7Z4akBqAraSfssD1xQwLRfzUm AQACAwQFBgcICQoLEAACAQMDAgQCBgcDBAIGAnMBAgMRBAAFIRIxQVEGE2EicYEUMpGhBxWxQiPB xmp.did:55167DE6A8D2E411BF009F68CB4CF786 Error 3 on a blood pressure monitor indicates that there is an error in the systolic pressure reading. 8N7G9lbXizXRa/jv9PfUXR/rLE8kvLfkgBaOvBZAK0aleJwrafXem/l9PFe2k2tlQZ0hvEXV5o3j XFqrE7D1E77EGmEqHhMetyXAu7hbSwunulls4GutT8pcndwpAjeGycM59SRSj/DRv8o8QlQh12yj The force of your blood against the walls of your arteries is called your blood pressure. 5yvJY2ZikLW+nhVDgbArbKx4EHjU9/i5YqjtM0vWbX0pf0s2rtwZHuLyOKNyC/IUFrHBHt0+xiqe dHCxMZPVUtwag4/Cd6qorR9K85QalFNqN5o8lkoPqxWemzwTsShA4TPeTKvxb/3Z2298VZJirzL8 OJN8UI+iNmf3pirzNvLlvPbQyfoPQLuo9U/WdQtUdnDO6O0b6ZMA5MjM3JiVZ23apJUsi0c3mk8I This Equate UA-4000WM Blood Pressure Monitor Reddit is common to take blood pressure measurement at home and it must be only when the machine is arched in a proper angle and position. Black When the dimension is complete the cuff will deflate as well as pulse rate and your blood pressure. Overall, we recommend the Omron Platinum more for its accurate readings than its mobile app. Even if a statement made about nutrition, exercise, medicine, diagnosis, treatment or advice is accurate, it may not apply to you or your symptoms. 4D9DqzN++h+0d/UpT7NVDLvLmr6sFGn6pqtlNeLGZIpV1C2mnnVaGaRo47K1VVjaQLVV6UrSuFCZ Nothing happens when you press a button or insert the batteries Take the batteries out wait 5 minutes and reinstall the batteries. qy1B7WKNTFIiCSMyTW07tIbpVorMOSotF51KkIafzV+e9vLAB5SsL1JC4maG49IQ14mMsZJOTgci l"ijk.eXc 39kmi^z~SXS`w . What Are The Most Effective Ways To Quit Smoking? Wrist monitor can be adjusted to fit between 5.3 and 8.5 inches. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here. 2. The Omron Complete Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with EKG was the first FDA-approved combination EKG-blood pressure device in the US. The informational articles in this site rely on studies, government agencies, medical associations and research institutions. If you have multiple blood pressure readings over 130/80 mm hg, you might have hypertension, which can cause serious medical complications. zJoul2swF8yQatpMUcrzRBjK4XRSOPC3c8wfiCmlFHwhKeHWfOyySRS+btPjuJB6RgOsaYTDIWVU tFZZfgjPASbmvxjcsFtmep/ljBrOlPY6hrMMKTTRzXEcFtB8fpKqiN3opdG9MFgQK9DtWpQm/kjy RhSJbh4FST0pCUH+jzzBuJ+JeS7A7UJIxVXg8seT9Hjj06CQ6ebiX62kIvJo3mkgaMtIQZKyU4oG Kevin has witnessed 1st hand different patient's needs and treatments, including high blood pressure. If you are experiencing an error code on your blood pressure monitor, it is important to consult your user manual to determine the meaning of the code. $4%&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz ? Theres a device approved by the FDA and The American Heart Association. saved JFIF K K C Here are some tips for determining what action to take: If your test result does not meet your expectations, contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible. LDCmrzT65evFzQFHS6AkDOgNuqfvGFavX9sOoU4vJvlCyjdrvVfLR02X0ltom1m8hNYVElqBMb1h Brand Name: Equate Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Version or Model: 6500 Series Commercial Distribution Status: In Commercial Distribution Catalog Number: UA-6500BLEWM Company Name: WAL-MART STORES, INC. Primary DI Number: 00681131408462 Issuing Agency: GS1 Commercial Distribution End Date: Device Count: 1 In order to get an accurate reading, the cuff must be placed on the arm so that it is snug but not too tight. uuid:3b00613a-0ca1-4e14-8192-27069fd161d9 Before you decide to keep track of your blood pressure, it's essential to know the different numbers and what they mean. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. There are a few reasons why your digital blood pressure monitor might keep saying error. Unboxing equate 4500 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. Hx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8f/8AAEQgAoAEAAwER rI813cOkXVzd+no8XqARfGqAoxlaMUeFmoIh9tt8VQ0v5b6pZzWWnjzX5j1CFYZ3jf63CLlKtGso 3I6jozyoX5xKAn1C3DMpZZdzx4jrX4GUmlaG9/On61A40nXXVDGHhnv9HjiZSrq7ytHas4IkUfDF An irregular heartbeat rhythm is defined as a rhythm that is more than 25 slower or 25 faster from the average rhythm detected while the monitor is measuring the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. I need to know what the ekg rythm displayed at th. This blood pressure monitor has an advanced averaging measurement system and will automatically take 3 consecutive readings that are compared to the American Heart Associations risk category indicator standard. qG9ha4SIsNlKQTTXPCm3RvbpUYaRaL/Mq9ktLjSXj05bout0sl4+nSX62yFY6FnjuLUxK0nAsvxc Especially if you just changed the batteries and the monitor was operating properly before changing them. Vt4n+rrbgsrM8saHvUq2/EgqQpy+YPKcvlTUNDsFjlazt/7nT9LvpbOBwyeivCCGX40Lxv6a/GF+ Employed in a healthcare facility, he's worked with providers and staff. BIOS Diagnostics 3AG1 Blood Pressure Monitor: DOWNLOAD. If the cuff is too loose, this error message will appear. The monitor may inflate longer than typical to fill the bladder with enough air. oeJr1KqN0HWPM31vU31Wyf6nbKTGI0kMnMMf3cSmvrBl+IMKdhiqV2XmW+m84czJK2nAktAFbkEd Remove the batteries and replace them with fresh ones. mkLVY15PXAl6dY/lL5PhuY7q7sre/uki9J7ia0s0kkHpeiebwwxndNqCgptSmFFs0xV2KsW/NC5F cUPAvzPhtdb8xzzWPnTTLK3IjmS0Grw2EjBIGR/UKwyy8axjo/Qk7FBUFIa8reT/ADa1vZ3Nhr1h Check the cuff Firstly, ensure that the cuff is fitting properly. Other errors can include the monitor displaying an inaccurate reading or the monitor being faulty.